Upleveling Your Moon Water

Oh shit! It’s the full moon! How did I forget? What can I do?

One awesome (and super simple) magical act that is popular right now, is the act of making moon water. This act is one of the most simple things you can do, and something you can do regardless of how knowledgeable you are in the Craft. Here’s the recipe:

  1. Fill a jar (bowl, cauldron) with water
  2. Place under the light of the full moon
  3. That’s it.

Some people say that it’s okay if your jar of water isn’t under the moon rays- it’s fine if it’s just in the windowsill or on your altar. I disagree.¬† Some people say that it’s okay if your water is in a closed container instead of being open. I disagree. Under clouds, I get that. It’s okay if you agree with these statement. I just feel as though if this was true, then every water that is in any jar in my house is moon water if it exists during a full moon.

So, what can you do with moon water?

Well, you can use it in any magical working that uses water. But before you start putting your water into jars and saving it, I want to tell you how I’ve been making my moon water for two decades. I feel like it uplevels the moon water magic that most people do. However, if you live in a desert community or in a place where it doesn’t rain or snow, then it might take a little bit of time.

Upleveled moon water

My moon water is pretty simple as well, except instead of placing a jar outside under a full moon, you place a bowl outside when it’s raining. The rain comes directly from the heavens and will be directly used in your magickal workings, aligned with the phase of the moon. I enjoy using it primarily in workings when the moon phase doesn’t align precisely with my needs.

Here’s my whole process:

  1. Procure a bowl. The wider the top is, the better, as it will capture more of the rain.
  2. Place bowl under rain. Make sure it’s not near a gutter, power lines, or under a tree. Basically, just make sure the rain won’t hit anything before it hits your bowl.
  3. Allow the bowl to collect the rain.
  4. Do not forget about it. The water will dry up pretty quickly.
  5. Filter the water. I’ve always hand filtered it using coffee filters, but you could probably run it through a Brita. You can skip this step, but if you plan on ingesting it at all, I’d suggest filtering it.
  6. Store it somewhere, clearly labeled with the moon phase.

Using your upleveled moon water

There are quite a few ways that you can use your upleveled moon water.

Use it in your magickal workings: want to do a prosperity spell, but the moon is waning? incorporate your waxing moon water. Want to do some serious introspection, but the full moon is blinding your third eye? Create a potion that includes new (or dark) moon water.

Combine your waters to create a synergetic blend. Want to bestow some clarity in your life, especially when it comes to your business? Combine some full moon and waxing moon water. Want to do some divination to help you figure out what to release from your life? Combine new and waning moon water.

After collecting and filtering and storing the waters, I like to put them into dropper bottles, as I live in southern California and we don’t get a lot of rain, so I have to ration pretty heavily.

I hope that you consider placing a bowl outside next time it rains- it might help you craft your next magical working!


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