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Ivy is a spiritual life coach and magical mentor working to help witchy women by training those without local mentors and helping women integrate their witchcraft practice into their lives.

Prior to starting her coaching practice, Ivy has been a group leader for almost twenty years. As a group leader, she has brought many women close to the goddess and helped them align with their potential as witches.

She has been the high priestess for the past 15 years with Temple Sophia (previously known as Coven of the Twilight Moon/ Twilight Spiral Coven). Ivy has been teaching and mentoring solitary practitioners for around 20 years. She’s also taught independent, in-person workshops for local groups.

When not hard at work mentoring and coaching witchy ladies, she enjoys crafting, reading paranormal fiction, and playing the frame drum. Find Ivy on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


Saging 101: Does It Really “Cleanse” Your Home?

 Ivy shares the basics of using sage for cleansing one’s space. She also explains some alternatives for those for whom sage is not an option.

We don’t need to Spend Half the Day Making Crystal Grids to be Spiritual.

Ivy shares her four most important everyday spiritual skills. Spirituality isn’t just about crystals and herbs- it’s also the everyday practice. 

Why Everyone Is Burning Palo Santo

Ivy is a contributor to this article about palo santo vs. sage. 

Setting the Space of Sisterhood Ceremony

Ivy’s contribution to The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook is a piece to open women’s circles or red tents- a candle lighting ceremony honoring archetypes of sisterhood. 

Start Your Own Online Coven

As a high priestess of an online coven in the early 00s, Ivy’s submission to newWitch magazine is an article about starting your own online coven. 

Ivy is available for:

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  • Witchcraft and Wicca
  • Paganism
  • Crystals and Cleansing
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Group and coven leadership
  • Covenwork


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