Spell to Help Protect From Disease – for Solitary Witches

This spell will allow you to express your fears in a constructive way, and allow you to create charged crystals or stones to add to your hand sanitizers or your handsoap. This was adapted from a group working, so you could easily adapt it for a group, if needed.

Supplies: small (non water-soluble) stones – in a pinch, glass beads would do, but quartz would work best, paper pen, burn bowl, banishing incense, possibly clean smelling candle. Place your clear stones in a small bowl.

Choose your soundtrack (or lack thereof)- decide if you’d like music or not.

Cleanse your space- I suggest with sage, palo santo or sound.

If you care to cast circle, do this now.

Begin with a Poem:
Daughter of Paeon, queen of every joy,
Hygeia, while indulgent smile sustains
The various race luxurian Nature pours,
And on th’ immortal essences bestows
Immortal youth; auspicious, O descend!

Call upon your allies- the quarters/elements, the gods, your ancestors, your guides

Goddess Evocation:
Hygeia, daughter of Asclepius,
Goddess of cleanliness and health,
Bestow upon us your blessings
As we work tonight to protect ourselves and our loved ones

Offering: Clean water

Hygeia, accept my offering of clean water.

Tonight I come to you to speak my truth and ask for blessings to keep myself and my loved ones safe from disease.

Distribute papers + pen

Write down words that you feel describe your feelings about the virus.

If you feel called to, speak your words, your truth, aloud. Then burn the papers with the words on it. If you have banishing incense, add to your fire.

Tonight, we release these feelings so that we can be vessels for clean, healthy energy.

Pick up the bowl of small stones or crystals.

Hygeia, healing goddess. You wash away those that might seek to harm our bodies. We ask that you come to us now. Fill our bodies with your healing energy and align our energies as we charge this bowl of stones.

Hold the bowl of small crystals Chant Hygeia’s (hye-gee-uh) name over and over again.

These stones are charged with healing energy. They will protect us from the sickness plaguing our people. Blessed be.

Cakes and Ale

Goddess Release:
Hygeia, daughter of Asclepius,
Goddess of cleanliness and health,
Guide our inner-knowing,
Keeping us and our loved ones healthy
Hygeia, we are honored by your energy and presence tonight.

Release/Dismiss your allies- the quarters/elements, the gods, your ancestors, your guides

If you cast a circle, open it now.

Place small stones in your soap dispensers or hand sanitizers.

Disclaimer: This spell is not a replacement for good hygiene and best practices set forth by medical professionals.

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