Releasing Those Wake Up Worries

Today, I woke up and immediately started worrying. It’s not the first time this week.

I worried about an unanswered text message I sent to my sister. I worried about my health. I worried about finances. Basically, everything a person could worry about, I started worrying about it approximately three seconds after I woke up.

That’s not an ideal way to start a day.

As I lay in bed, I decided that I was NOT going to allow this to impact my day. I took a few deep breaths. Really deep, cleansing breaths. I allowed myself to feel that in my whole body. I gave myself permission to relax my body and to release those worries. But it’s not always as easy as telling yourself “HEY! RELEASE THOSE WORRIES.” And sometimes, if you’re a worrier, you’ll end up worrying about why you couldn’t release those worries. Or maybe that’s just me?

So, how do you release those worries, so that you can start your day off with a positive perspective? Decisive, positive self-talk.

That worry about the unanswered text message? Well, I did start it off with “FYI,” so she probably didn’t feel like she needed to respond.

My health? What’s one thing can I do to improve it today? Drink more water. I’ll do that.

My finances? I am fine in this moment, and I’m doing everything I can do to bring in more business. I’m super excited about my upcoming group program and that is going to be awesome!

Everything else that I have no control over? I don’t have control over it, so worrying about it will keep me from being in the moment and being high vibe. There’s literally NOTHING I can do, so I need to let that go.

And as I picked through my worries and made decisions on whether to take one action step today, or to let it go, I felt something release inside of me. And it was in that moment that I chose to start this day with a high vibe attitude. In order to support this attitude, as I was leaving the house, I made sure I had things to support my energy- plenty of water, rose quartz, and positive affirmations.

Next time you find yourself awakened with worry, try acknowledging the worries and release them by using decisive, positive self-talk.

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