Public Ritual Benefits Everyone

Public rituals benefit not only the newbie, but also those who have been practicing for years.

Chances are, you’ve likely seen an invitation to a public ritual
hosted by a local group or a shop. Whether you are new to the craft, or a seasoned witch, public ritual has many benefits.

For newbie witches, it’s a great way to experience different paths and practices. It’s a good way to meet people and see how their traditions or paths work ritual or share their beliefs. Public ritual allows the new witch to sense energy inside of a circle. If the ritual raises a fair amount of energy, it’s a great opportunity to learn how energy feels within a circle
– an opportunity that might be hard to come by when solitary . It’s also a great place to get your initial ritual experience. Every group will do ritual differently, so as a newbie, it’s a great opportunity to experience many different traditions and see what resonates.

As a witch who has been around awhile, public ritual might also serve you in ways you may not expect. Participating in someone else’s ritual might give the experienced witch new ideas for their own rituals. It’s also a great opportunity for networking with other witches and pagans and also help support the local witchcraft community.

If you are in a group, or have had any pull to create a public ritual, it’s an amazing way to serve your community. It’s also a great way to get better at group energy dynamics. Holding a public ritual is a popular way to fund raise for a group, as it helps your group, as well as supports the local community. It’s also a nice way to become introduced to others of like mind.

Keep in mind, though, while attending a public ritual that there is some etiquette involved. Make sure you show up on time. It’s very rude to interrupt a ritual that has already began, and it’s inconsiderate to expect people to wait on you. Make sure you bring what is required from you. That might be a potluck dish, a chalice, an offering, or something else. Make sure you listen carefully and follow any directions you are given. If there is a potluck feast, however, make sure you are a considerate potluck contributor.

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