Dear Future Students:

When I teach a class in my home, I don’t just give you two(ish) dedicated hours of my time.  In addition to working my regular full time job, there’s a lot I’ve done so that we can have this time together and so that it is a productive use of your time.

  • I have (probably) cleaned the house for you.
  • Hours went into writing and preparing the class you are about to take.
  • Every cycle, I change or add something new.
  • It’s been worked and reworked over more than a decade so that it’s the best that I can give to you.
  • I’ve taken into account different learning abilities and tailored techniques to them.
  • I’ve integrated activities so that it’s not simply lecture, but also a discussion or hands-on so that you take away more from the class than just me telling you the things.
  • I’ve likely spent time preparing the space for our class.
  • I’ve procured wine and/or other beverages and maybe even some snacks.
  • I probably skipped dinner so that we can start on time. Instead of cooking for my family, I may have had them fend for themselves so that I am grounded and ready to teach you.
  • I’ve prepared a handout for you that illustrates the important points of our class so that you can go home and more easily retain the information.
  • I’ve carefully created assignments that allow you to not only retain the information taught, but to practice the techniques that you learned in the class.
  • I’ve chosen to give up these two hours for you. These are two hours that I could be doing anything else for myself.

So please.
Be on time.
Bring your energy exchange.
Expect to stay the two hours.

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