New Moon Abundance Check

The new moon is the perfect time for new beginnings and manifestation workings. One popular working for the new moon is the new moon abundance check. It’s a very simple ritual to help you manifest abundance and prosperity in your life. The premise is easy- withing 24-48 hours of the¬†new moon, you write a check to yourself from the universe. You ask, and the universe provides! Even if you don’t fully believe in it, you’ll likely find it works for you anyway!

  • In the” from” section- the part that in a personal check would have your information, write something like “bank of the universe,” “infinite universe,” or “the law of abundance.”
  • In the “pay to the order of” section, write your name.
  • Under “date,” write the date or the month.
  • Where you would usually write the amount, write “paid in full” or the amount you need.
  • Sign it “The Law of Abundance.”

Keep in mind that abundance may be of a monetary sort, but it also can manifest itself in different ways- new enriching friends, new position in the workplace, or anything else that enriches your life.

Once your check is written, you can use it in any new moon ritual, or just keep it on your altar or other special space. Some burn it at the full moon, or shortly before writing the next new moon check.