Mabon is Coming

The weather is beginning to turn, and the wheel shifts toward Autumn Equinox. The equinox, often called Mabon or Harvest Home celebrates the second harvest, that of fruit, as well as gratitude.

Celebrations often center around fruit, in particular apples and grapes and oftentimes we use these as part of our feast, our ceremony or crafts and décor for the holiday.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few ideas to get your celebration started:

1. All the Mabon Things

Check out a summary of Mabon lore, and ideas for your celebration here. You’ll read about the deities often honored at the equinox, poetry, symbols and more!

2. Easy Decorating Ideas

Let’s start with 5 easy decorating ideas for Mabon! From apples to pumpkins, there are some amazingly easy tips to transform your altar or your home, and get the energy moving in the fall direction.

3.  The Gratitude Jar

Create a gratitude jar with craft sticks and a mason jar. Add some raffia and place it on your altar or kitchen table. Invite guests to write they are grateful for before dinner. When seated at the table, pass the jar around and every person pulls a stick and reads it aloud. I’ve also seen people write their gratitude on strips of paper and create a garland with it to hang before dinner is served.

4. Apple Butter

Easily create apple butter in the crockpot! Apples are a staple for most families at the equinox, and this is an easy way to create yummy apple butter. Bonus! This site also has printables in case you want to share with neighbors or family.

5. FIFTY easy decorating ideas

50 easy fall craft ideas is what you’ll find here–  an apple pencil cup, garlands, acorns and more! Some of these are perfect for kids!

6. Crispy Apple Turnovers

Want more apples? Try this recipe for Crispy Caramel Apple Turnovers. Easy and delicious!

7. Desk Decor Ideas

Working, but still want to bring some fall equinox magic to your space? Check out these 5 Fall Décor Tips for your Desk!

8. More recipes!

Here’s a list of delicious recipe ideas for your Harvest Home celebration. Some of them are very simple and some are a little more complex, but they all sound like delicious autumn dishes!

9. Decorate your kitchen!

And here are a few décor options for your kitchen, too!

The autumn equinox is just around the corner, are you ready? For more ideas, follow my Autumn Equinox pinterest board!

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