What to do for Lammas / Lughnasadh

What comes to mind when I say “bread?” Besides DELICIOUS.

For me, it’s Lammas AKA Lughnasadh AKA the BREAD holiday. Okay, so technically Lammas is the first harvest, the corn and grain harvest. But to me, it’s still the bread holiday. I love bread.

Lammas is one of the eight Wiccan sabbats, a major sabbat- the cross quarter between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. Wiccans oftencelebrate it as Lughnasadh, an ancient celebration honoring the foster mother of the god Lugh. Lugh was a Celtic god, known for his wide-ranging arsenal of skills. His foster mother was Tailtiu, and upon her death he chose to honor her with funeral games, as was customary at the time. For that reason, we often see games played at Lughnasadh celebrations.

Lammas means loaf-mass, and some Pagans honor the corn/grain god and goddess. One easy way to do this is to bake bread in the shape of a person and honor it in ritual. Another way is to make a corn dolly- take corn husks and make them into a shape of the woman. She’s a visual representation of the grain goddess and the first harvest. She can sit in your sacred space to remind you of the harvest, and many people burn her at another sabbat, such as Imbolc.

Other gods and goddesses honored include: Demeter, Ceres, Saturn, Sobek, Renenutet, Hestia and many others.


You can integrate both the corn and games by holding a corn-shucking contest! It’s also a great time for canning and preserving, as well as a time for reflection and celebration of goals achieved.

Let’s talk about ritual! The center of a Litha ritual often depends on the deity honored, but usually centers on the themes of gratitude, accomplishments thus far, or games (aligned with the Tailtean games). Create your corn dolly in ceremony or use dried corn or seeds in your ritual. Charge corn on your altar and then eat it in a potluck feast afterward.

Here are a few other activities you might consider for your celebration:

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