Finding Local Pagans

Even if you enjoy being a solitary practitioner, you might want to look into meeting other local Pagans.  These sites are also good for finding social groups – it’s nice to talk shop with other Pagans or witches. Those groups are also a great place to network. Many of my coven members came to the coven through networking in these groups.– has many different types of spiritual groups. Just put in your zip code and interest: ie: witches, pagans, etc. and up will pop up groups that might interest you. Organizers have to pay to use meetup, so chances are that you’ll find pretty active meetup groups.

Witchvox – Around since 1997, this site allows groups (and people) to list their information to help others find the group (or shop, or event) that might allow them to grow.

CUUPS– Covenent of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is a group within the UU church. Open to many faiths and beliefs, these groups often have meetings or classes that may include non UU members. Find your local chapter.

Covenent of the Goddess (CoG)– Contact your local chapter and ask about local groups.

Pagan Pride Project– This is a global organization that holds Pagan Pride Day in the fall. Many areas also hold other networking events. Find your local chapter.

Yahoo Groups – Yahoo Groups really took hold in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. However, it’s a nice place to find groups that have been around awhile, especially with older people/ elders.

Facebook Groups – On your Facebook, just type something like “California Pagans” in the search bar and see what comes up. If you decide to join a group, make sure your privacy settings are such that your groups aren’t public if you are in the broom closet. I’m in four public-ish Pagan groups- one Californian, one SoCal pagan, one SoCal ladywitches group and a Long Beach (562) group.

Real Life Witchery– My online group for witchy women- learning how to blend the magical and mundane to create your magical life!

Also some tips:

  • When you first correspond with someone, mind your writing, especially if you are looking to join a group. You’re asking someone to spend their time and energy on you, the least you can do is care enough to capitalize, spellcheck and re-read before sending.
  • Always meet in a public place and let someone know where you’ll be.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring a friend along and have them sit somewhere else. However, don’t assume that the person you’ll be meeting is cool with hanging out with you and your friend.
  • Don’t give out your address, etc. to people you don’t know well enough to trust.


  1. Lauri

    This is GREAT Ivy!!!!! I’m blown away! You’re so progressed!! You have your very own newsletter! Thanks for putting me on the list!!!!

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