Hey witchy lady- are you in need of a new job? Maybe you’ve been laid off or stuck in a job that you really don’t like. Are you no longer feeling fulfilled?

You know you need update your resume and get ready to find your next opportunity, but it’s hard to stay focused. Maybe you’ve been laid off and need to find a new job. Maybe you hate your current role and are looking for something new- something better?

Do you want to support your job search with your spiritual practices?

If so, the Activate Your Career Magick group program is for YOU! In this group program, you will bond with sister witches like yourself, those looking for a new or better job. You will have access to a pop-up Facebook group only for those in the program.

In this 4 week intensive program you will:

  • Re-create your resume
  • Vision your perfect job
  • Create a compelling cover letter template
  • Craft your interview stories
  • Create a job-search strategy
  • Remove the obstacles holding you back
  • Oh yeah, and witchcraft! 

Add some magick to your search for a new job opportunity!

What you will receive:

4 Hybrid Mentoring/ Coaching Calls

Each weekly one hour call will include information to help you move toward your career goals. There will also be laser 1:1 coaching within the group to address any struggles that you might have.


As the program is lined up with the moon cycle, you will be provided a new moon ritual and a full moon ritual that will align with your intentions on your job hunt.


You will receive two workings, aligned with the waxing and waning moons to move you quickly toward your perfect new job!

Tools & Resources

You will also receive journaling questions, cover letter breakdowns, vision board worksheets and more!


The exclusive Facebook group will allow you to easily access additional resources and will be a place for networking, sharing opportunities and tips with your sisters.

Your investment: $97

NOPE. Just kidding. As this is the initiation of the AYCM program, your investment is just $47 (+ an honest testimonial at the end)

I understand that sometimes it seems hard to justify an expense while searching for a new job.

The investment you make today will serve you well not only in your present journey, but you will retain tools and resources you can use in the future.